What we don’t see on the field: the importance of a good nutrition

When we think about a great football player we play in our head images of great moves on the field or great results during a match. However, a good player is more than what we see on the field and a big part of that is nutrition.


To achieve high performance, a player must take into account proper nutrition.


Since 1980, teams and coaches have to take into account the importance of healthy eating habits for the players to ensure the prime physical condition for each match, with optimal levels of body fat and muscle mass, accelerate recovery following a match or a hard training session and ensure that players are adequately fuelled and have the energy required.

TNGS not only takes care of a healthy menu for players during their time in the academy but also included in their NG Talks two sessions with Laura Jorge and Carol Navarrete, two expert nutritionists who taught our players about nutrition for high-performance athletes.

During the first meeting, the players learned in-depth about how food affects performance in the field and how each of their food decisions affects their performance.


When it comes to helping the performance of a football player there is unequivocally no one size fits all nutrition plan. Nutritional needs vary based not just on the individual but also on the position they play. For that reason, on the second encounter, every talent created a personalized menu easily and healthily and according to their lifestyle and preference.

Nutrition plans must be individualized for each player based on their weight, height, body fat percentage, and position on the field. Choosing high-quality foods and being consistent with a diet year-round provides a solid foundation helping players perform at their highest potential.


In TNGS we believe in the comprehensive growth of the players. Let’s keep growing.