We have a set of services to accelerate and facilitate your objectives, reduce decision risks and costs, discover new opportunities and transfer new skills to our clients.


Our sports consulting is a professional service through which we propose solutions to the problems already identified in the company, with the intention of creating improvements and achieving the company’s objectives.

  • Strategic sports planning
  • Participatory and collaborative sports consulting for the development of strategic plans in the field of sports, sports facilities and equipment.
  • Technical assistance in sports management
  • We assist sports organizations with a set of initiatives to support the management of services and projects.
  • Management and advice in the direction of sports facilities.
  • We provide specialization and proven solutions in the management of sports facilities.
  • We provide specialization and proven solutions in the management of sports facilities.
  • We accelerate the digital transformation of sports entities with agile methodologies to adapt to the challenges of the future.
  • Advice on sports sponsorship
  • Selection Process Management: We define the requirements and conditions of the job position. Promocionamos la oferta laboral en diferentes canales y portales específicos de empleo. We conduct selection interviews to filter the ideal profiles for the position. We prepare a complete report of the selected candidates.

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We have a sports research area with which we intend to provide a more exhaustive knowledge of the sector and contribute new knowledge and information of interest to the sports industry at an international level.

We help you to reduce the risks in any project or improvement proposal in your organization or project in the field of physical activity and sport.


Training in the field of sports management and administration

One of our activities is to transfer our knowledge and experience in the world of sports management. And, in this way, share our answers to professionals, companies and institutions that want to develop through the exercise of sports management.

Our mission is to train all those capabilities that are required in a changing and global environment with the objective of transforming and enriching the practices and successes of the organizations we work with. From our training service we contribute and, above all, we learn every day with the experience of our professionals.

We offer seminars, conferences and develop tailor-made programs according to your needs.

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