NG Institute is a platform specialized in sports training and other areas that complement it. Our teachers are professionals of recognized trajectory, among them are directors and coaches of some of the best football clubs. We work with universities and prestigious entities, serving them as a space through which to offer high quality sports training.

We adapt to the real needs of our students, giving them an innovative and differentiating education based on the demands of the new professionals in the field of sport.

We offer specific sports programs in marketing, communication, management, coaching, legislation, HR…

Sports Professionals

Our students are looking for certified sports training by recognized institutions and teachers widely experienced in their field.  With an international profile, the people who trust us want training adapted to their pace of life and work expectations within the competitive sports sector.

How it works

NG Institute allows the student to give permanent feedback to the teachers, their classmates and the rest of the educational community, through our online platform and the best teaching material.

We base our program and training system on pedagogical criteria that help students to assimilate concepts in a simple, enjoyable and natural way.

To this end, we work with specialists in the educational field who help us design an education that guarantees that students are prepared to work as professionals in the sports sector.

All the courses we present have passed exhaustive quality controls to ensure that the final result reaches the student in optimum conditions.

In addition, we offer the possibility of creating tailor-made programs for corporate clients. Contact us!


The Next Generation Sports (TNGS) and the Chair of Sport at the Polytechnic University of Valencia are launching a series of training courses aimed at specialization in the field of sport. If your passion is the world of sport, this program offers you all kinds of knowledge related to the areas of management, coaching, marketing or sports legislation.

Our courses are characterized by their flexibility and innovation, and can be carried out in person, online and/or adapted to the needs of each person. Through these courses, you have the possibility of obtaining the Master in Sports Management from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, if you satisfactorily complete all the blocks that make up the program.

Our advantages

With NG Institute you have all the advantages offered by online training, with the added value of having a team of highly recognized instructors in the field of sports.

Flexibility: Learn at your own pace. Where and when you want. There are no timetables.

Savings: Our courses have a lower cost than other face-to-face training proposals.

Direct communication: You will be able to solve your doubts with your teachers whenever you want.

Networking: Get to know other people like you who are interested in the sports sector.

Work-family conciliation: You will be able to combine your training with your family and professional life.

Interactivity: You will have at your disposal an abundance of audiovisual material that will facilitate your learning.

Wide range of courses: You have at your disposal a wide variety of training courses in different categories and at low cost, thanks to the possibilities offered by e-learning. Consult our catalogue here


We have a team of teachers coming from the sports field, who contribute with their real practical experience, added to great technical knowledge. In addition to football coaches, specialists in sports company management, experts in sports marketing.

We have the support of a team of professionals
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