What is it?

NG Coaching is the most innovative methodology for the training of coaches and the development of young talent, based on the most modern Spanish football.

We provide tools for:

      • Improve the efficiency in the design and management of training sessions, allowing the planning of sessions through pedagogical strategies such as Visual Coaching or Performance Coaching
      • Empowering players’ resources, teaching them to make creative decisions and solve problems on the field.

The NG Coaches bring their real practical experience, together with a great technical knowledge. Our coaches have played at a high level, work or have worked in the best LaLiga clubs and who individually evaluate each of the players in order to get the best from each of them. From TNGS, we understand that the needs of each player are different and therefore we analyze them and focus on improving them.

NG Method

It is based on the development of sessions taking into account four fundamental aspects:

      • The Game Model.
      • The organizational scales used in game situations and exercises.
      • The methodological principles of modern training.
      • The personal skills that our players develop: Creativity, leadership, solidarity, self-determination and adaptability.
  • We design customized sessions to optimize the player’s resources. In these sessions the player is exposed to specific situations of the game and is trained to be an important value in the team. All this is based on a constant updating of the player’s profile that we prepare.
  • Visual Coaching is a psycho-pedagogical tool based on the idea of “seeing to understand”. A visual and intuitive system to communicate to players the situations of the game. In this way, players will understand the proposals immediately, regardless of their language, age or level of knowledge.
  • Performance Coaching succeeds in developing the player’s potential, by detecting and developing their abilities. In a motivating context, the conditions are articulated so that the tasks that the player is asked to perform are not done out of obligation and in a single way. Rather, it is sought that they proceed from their own will and that they create their own answers.
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